Funker Vogt : Discografía Completa

Funker Vogt: Always and Forever Volume 1

Día de Estreno : 9/27/2005
Número de Canciones : 28
Últimos detalles : Released only on Repo Records (REPO 010). This is a 2 CD set featuring Words of power, Take care and Killing Time again disks bundled with a bunch of titles that were previously unreleased.
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101. Words of Power (Highspeed Mix)
102. The 3rd War (Original Mix)
103. Thanks For Nothing (Original Mix)
104. Words of Power (Power Mix)
105. The 3rd War (Atomic Shell)
106. Thanks for Nothing (Controlled Fusion Mix)
107. Thanks for Nothing (In Strict Confidence Mix)
108. Take Care!
109. Take Care! (G2 f135 mix by Grish Zeme)
110. Take Care! (Booster +18 Mix)
111. Take Care! (Nightmare Mix)
112. Fantasies (Burning in hell Mix)
113. Ein Neuer Tag
114. Words of Power (Vol. 1 1996)
201. Killing Fields (Killed Mix)
202. Evil`s Birth
203. Visions
204. The Race Is On
205. Killing Fields (Guitar Fixer mix)
206. Evil`s Birth (Mezzo mix)
207. Black Hole (live)
208. Schöne Schmerzen
209. You Can Win if You Want (1996)
210. Am Tag als Conny Kramer Starb [1997]
212. King for a Night (Vol.1 - 1997)
213. Thanks for Nothing (Vocoded - 2003)
214. Under Control (Back to the Roots mix 2004)

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