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Originally Posted on: http://www.funker-vogt.comLanguage: English Date: 1/1/1998

1. For starters we are curious as to who is answering the questions:
- Kai Schmidt Funker Vogt Management.

2. What kind of music does Funker Vogt currently listening to?
- We listen to all kind of music(not only from the industrial scene). At the moment Gerrit is really keen on the Mesh maxi You didn`t want me"

3. What music effects theirs?
- We get influences from all kind of music. Gerrit likes soundtracks as well as he is listening to the all time favourites like Skinny Puppy or Front 242. Jens is more influenced by the hard core scene. Actually before he met Gerrit he has not listened a lot industrial.

4. How is being on Zoth? Is Torben good to work for/with?
- We have some comparisson to other labels and Zoth Ommog is at the moment the best. For that reason we give Torben also our Side projects, like Ravenous and Fusspils 11. Both will be released very soon. It is quite okay to work with Torben.

5. Your web site says you still have a regular job. What`s the status on that?
- I am a student of biology, Jens works for the car industry and Gerrit will just finish his civil service in february to become a fulltime musician.

6. Are there any upcoming releases in the works?
- There will be a new EP in spring and a single collection for the US with Take Care and Words of Power and some other tracks. In autumn there should be the new Album. Also in spring we will release a new Ravenous CD and our new project Fusspils 11 with only german lyrics. Both hopefully soon in the US available.

7. What direction will your music be heading in for the next album? Will ravenous still release new material in the future?
[no answer]

8. Your American fans are curious about the translation of tracks `Funker Vogt` and `Funker Vogt second unit`. What do the lyrics mean in English? favorites? Have you been to Dorian Grey in Frankfurt Am Main?
- About Funker Vogt: In germany you must go to the Army for at least 9 month if you don`t want you can also do a year civil service in a hospitel or at the red Cross or something like these. Funker means radio operator at the army. So Funker Vogt is someone who was really keen on the army and on the war and who died there. He is a radical, a fanatic person. And the second part is about his rebirth: a contract with the devil gave him the chance to come back.

9. What inspires the topics for your lyrics and what topic interest you the most?
- One of our main topics especially on the new CD is the war: Wartime Killingfields, Funker Vogt 2nd unit. And there are a lot of other topics. I get my inspiration from the news from everything what surrounds me or even dreams.

10. Could we have the lyrics from the Thanks for nothing to post on our web site? We are really curious what the lyrics are for that album because some of the words are hard to understand due to the German accent/pronunciation.
- I will try to send you the lyrics next time.

11. any plans for video releases, live performance or quick time movies so that we in America can see Funker Vogt as well as hear them?
- It is not worth to to a Video clip for lots of money when nobody will broadcast it. Maybe will do a live video at our next tour in autumn. If we will remain successful in the US we can hopefully do a short tour in 1999(but not guarranted).

12. How do you feel about bands that you`ve been compared to or accused of copying such as Leaether Strip or :wumpscut:?
- Although we were often compared with these bands, the only similarity I see is the distorted voice. Our music is really different, you just have to listen carefully and you will notice it.

13. Do you think the resurgence of Zoth Ommog`s popularity in Germany will help to bring back the Industrial scene there?
- I hope so.

14. We really like the samples in `We Came to Kill`, are you thinking of using samples more in your newer material?
- We will use again samples in our new material cannot say now if it will be more.

15. Any plans for other future Funker Vogt merchandise such as T-shirts, posters, stickers, etc...?
- Zoth Ommog did some shirts for us and we produced also some FV-Shirts. But it is very difficult to sell them to the US. But when we come on a tour will bring some merchandise stuff with us.

16. There are a lot of industrial bands that are very encouraging of environmentalism...what is your view point on this issue? Are you Vegetarians? Do you have a favorite food?
- We are all none vegeterians, but our point of view to that topic is very good reflected by the song Take Care.

17. Where in Germany do you live? Do you frequent clubs there? Do you have any
- We live all in the north of Germany in a small city near hannover. it is called Hameln. Maybe you know the story of Hameln in the middle age we had many rats and there come a man called the piper, who promised to snatch all the rats by playing his flute (or pipe?). He did so but the people didn`t want to pay him for his effort. So he played the flute again and took all the children away. Nice story eh? a little bit spooky. Yes we go frequently to some clubs in our area but never have been to the Dorian Gray.

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