Gothgirls Interview with Kai

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Gothgirl-1) When,where and How did Funker Vogt Form?
Kai- Funker Vogt started as a side project of our First Band Ravenous. After a couple of years we had some songs which didn`t fit into the concept of Ravenous and Gerrit, who is doing the music for Ravenous together with Bjorn, tried a new singer, Jens, and Funker Vogt was born. In less then half a year Gerrit produced the first Funker Vogt CD on his own and Jens was performing the vocals. Soon after the deal with Zoth, Funker became much more popular than Ravenous. I am the manager and responsible for most of the lyrics of Funker Vogt.

Gothgirl-2) Where did your love of music, computers, and electronics come from?
Kai- Gerrit was always interested in electronic music and together with a friend started out with a party keyboard to produce their own stuff.

Gothgirl-3) What kinds of instruments do you use?
Kai- Keyboards and Samplers. We never tell which brands we use. Sorry for that.
Gothgirl- That`s ok, I respect that.

Gothgirl-4) How do you pick your sampling choices and techniques?
Kai-The first CD TFN was recorded without a sampler in Gerrit`s living-room. Now we have our own studio and certainly use a sampler. Gerrit is listening to sample CD`s and picking whatever he likes. And certainly sometimes we are picking samples from movies.

Gothgirl-5) What is the hardest part being an industrial artist?
Kai- I don`t know, but probably that you live with the knowledge that you never get enough money for the music you produce.
Gothgirl-6) Where have your influences come from for your music?
Kai-Certainly from the Industrial Scene, but we also get our influences from other music styles.

Gothgirl-7) How are you different from Leaether Strip?
Kai- I cannot believe that people still ask this question. It would of been better should ask what do we have in common. The answer is we both do industrial music, but we both have our own style. Funker Vogt sounds not all like Leaether Strip for me. Although our vocals are distorted as well as the one from leaetherstrip, we use the distortion effect in a different way.
Gothgirl- Oh !! I am sorry !!!

Gothgirl-8) What kind of Style of writing would you say you use in Funker Vogt?
Kai- Our own style. Funker Vogt is unique and we have proved this with 3 albums, 2 EP`S and 2 Singles.
Gothgirl- I love the lyrics you have and keep them coming.

Gothgirl-9) What differences do you see in American Industrial/electronic acts and European Acts like yourself?
Kai- I think the Americans love the guitars. Certainly there are some exceptions.

Gothgirl-10) How do people in clubs in Germany perceive your music? How is it different from American clubs?
Kai- Good question. You better tell me. I have never been to the USA by now. In Germany people in the clubs start dancing when they play our music. Oh, I am sorry, well you will find out soon with the American Tour soon.

Gothgirl-11) Where do you see Industrial Music in the Millenium?
Kai- I hope it will still go on, or I am pretty sure that it will go on, but I hope that there will be some innovative changes. I haven`t heard many good newcomer bands the last year but on the other hand it is hard to keep track because there are so many new bands, and lots of them are crap.

Gothgirl-12) What can we expect from Funker Vogt in the future?
Kai- Honestly, I don`t know. It is always a surprise, also for ourselves. But we try to keep producing good music for the dancefloor.

Gothgirl- Cool, I like surprise with bands. Got to keep things fresh sounding.

Gothgirl-13) What has been the most successful thing that has happened for the group?
Kai- I guess it was getting a contract with Zoth Ommog and the deal with Metropolis.
Gothgirl- Good, I am glad the noticed you.

Gothgirl-14) How would you promote Industrial/electronic Music to get more people to listen?
Kai- Also a good question. More airplay would be great, but no big radio would dare to play industrial. The last one in Germany stopped over a year ago. How can you expect someone buying a CD he never heard a song of?! That is the real problem. And it would also be good to get an hour or two a week on MTV. And don`t say yes but video`s are too expensive. One can start with ordinary live clips and if it gets established there will be the money for a good clip. This is my modest proposal.
Gothgirl- I would love to see you on MTV! I am sick of always flipping though and seeing those stupid boy bands like Blackstreet Boys or N-sync. I am surprised that in Germany they stopped playing it. That is a waste for great artists like you guys.

Gothgirl15) Any final thoughts about industrial music or on Funker Vogt?
Kai- Thanks to all our American fans and also to you for doing the interview with us. Hope to see you all on an US-Tour in Summer of 2000. (Depends if Zoth and Met give us some money for the tour)

Thank you Gothgirl for the interview.. :-)

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