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1.) WOW- Funker Vogt has been producing Albums now over 10 years this is great! Are there any plans for slowing down, or will Funker Vogt be always and forever (Immer und ewig)?
Gerrit: We just finished the work on “Aviator” and the first part of our German tour for this year. Now we are going to build my new studio, so there is a need to make a little creative break. But after the studio is built up we will directly continue to work for FV instead of slow down. There’s still many output and this fact we should use this circumstance as long as it last.   

2.) I have been listening to the Aviator album for the last couple of weeks and think this is probably the best Funker Vogt album ever! Good job guys! What is your favourite track on the album?
Gerrit: Thanks a lot. My personal favourites are “Child Soldier”, “My fortune” and “Babylon”. But all other songs are close behind them. I think we never made an album on which we all really like all songs. Sometimes one of us doesn’t like this song and one another doesn’t like that song, but on “Aviator” we really like all ones. That made it very simple for us to choose the twelve best songs for the album.  
3.) I have heard many rumors about a possible North American tour planned for Autumn ’07... is this true and if it is true, do you have any details on this yet? Do you guys think you will be coming again to Canada, or into Mexico? What about other areas worldwide?
Gerrit: For this year there is only planned a second part of the German AviaTour and a few shows within Europe. We also want to do shows in North America and Mexico but there is nothing planned yet and our time won’t make it possible for this year.
4.) Can we expect to see other singles from the Aviator album released? The album is so great and almost every track could be a great club hit!
Gerrit: In Europe we do not release any single from “Aviator” this time because the market for singles is going to zero here. I don’t know if there is a chance to release one on Metropolis exclusive for North America. We should ask for this… ;-)
5.) You guys released a VHS during the eXecution tracks called Live Execution (which was only available in Europe), is there a new video being released any time soon, will you also release the video to the North American market?
Gerrit: Yes, we will do a Live-DVD in the second half of this year which is going to be released next year.
6.) Can we expect a remix album to follow the wonderful Aviator release? If so, which bands might we be able to see remixing funker vogt this time around?
Gerrit: We want to do a further release in the end of this year but I don’t think that it will be a pure remix album. There should be some new stuff on it, maybe some unreleased stuff of the last two years and maybe a few remixes by some other bands. I did some remixes for other bands during the last two years, so there should be enough bands which we may ask for doing one for us, like for example Mortiis, Insekt, Punto Omega, Vigilante, Dope Stars Inc. and so on.   
7.) Gerrit, this next one is more directed to you, what is the status of the Funker Vogt sideprojects such as Fusspils 11, Fictional and Ravenous?
Gerrit: They are always alive. But this time we concentrate only on FV as long as there’s enough output. There is so much to do with FV that there is no need to work on one of the side-projects. But their time will also come again…   
8.) And finally, is there anything else you guys want to mention?
Gerrit: We all hope you enjoy listening to our new album and wish to get more of us, so just keep “funked”…
Dani Sarfati
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