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Lyrics for "Alone" by Funker Vogt:
In some days you`ll be alone
Have to manage all on your own
It`s the time when your parents are dead
Your friends are done and you feel upset

The days are grey and the nights are dark
So evertime you will need a spark
Without a spark you have no chance
It`s too dark to see the fence

This is the time of a change in your life
The ociean is deep but you are still alive

Hope is the name of the spark on your way
There is no one who asks you to stay
The way from the spark to a flame is so long
But this is the right way and not the wrong

At the end of of the way you have found what you search
You have nanaged your life with no need for a cheat
Now the days are light and you can see in the night
Then you have reached the end of your fight