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Funker Vogt: eXecution Tracks

Release Date: 11/16/1998
Number of Tracks: 13
Release Notes: This album was originally released on Zoth Ommog (ZOT 225L, XL). Re-released on RepoRecords (REPO-003) in 2001. The North American release / European release B features a bonus track "King for a Night" where the european A release features a bonus track "Black Night".
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1. Civil War
2. The Voices Of The Dead
3. The International Killer
4. Fortunes of War
5. Beyond Your Belief
6. Tragic Hero
7. Buried Alive
8. Schizophrenia
9. Pure War
10. Shaven
11. Seelenwanderung
12. 4th Dimension
13. King For A Night
13. Black Night

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