Funker Vogt Discography

Funker Vogt: We Came To Kill

Release Date: 9/1/1997
Number of Tracks: 12
Release Notes: The Release date of this album is approximate, the actual release was sometime in the Fall of 1997.
This album was originally released by Zoth Ommog (ZOT 199) and was another limited edition album in a DigiPak (1000 copies).
RepoRecords re-eleased this album as REPO-002 and added 3 special tracks (Take Care! Final Mix, Time of Dreams Heart-Core Mix and Take Care! US Remix).
This album is avaialble in North America by Metropolis Records on release MET 069
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1. Time Of Dreams
2. Take Care!
3. Stupid Incident
4. Father
5. Under Control
6. Wartime
7. Killing Fields
8. Nothing New
9. Fantasies
10. Siegeszug
11. Funker Vogt 2nd Unit
12. Special "Hidden" Track...

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