Funker Vogt Discography

Funker Vogt: Survivor

Release Date: 10/22/2002
Number of Tracks: 13
Release Notes: This album had 2 releases, limited and standard edition. SPV published the limited edition under (SPV 087-63480CD+CD) and standard edition (SPV 087-63480CD). Metropolis also released this disk (MET 260) but did not release any special edition, but did include a US bonus track (refugees). The second CD includes the tracks listed here and a special multimedia track which helped people create remixes for "final thrill".
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1. Date of Expiration
2. This World
3. History
4. Obscure Pictures
5. Compulsions
6. Prisoners Of War
7. Final Thrill
8. Fallen Man
9. Stolen Thoughts
10. Lügner
11. Faster Life
12. Red Queen
201. This World (Built For Wars) * Bonus Disc
202. Whenever a Child Dies * Bonus Disc
203. This World (Made of Battlefields) * Bonus Disc

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