Funker Vogt Biography and History

Funker Vogt, for over one decade now this name echoes like a steamhammer through the worldwide community of Body Beat Enthusiastics.
Founded in 1995 by Gerrit Thomas and Jens Kästel they were shortly after signed by Zoth Ommog . With their first album “Thanks for Nothing” they took the hearts of their steady growing fanbase by assault .
Formerly compared with bands like Frontline Assembly, Wumpscut or Leather Strip, they represent a style of music nowadays, that influences many young artists in their musical development. With their distinctive mixture of abrasive electronic beats and tuneful, hymnal refrains they always show anew, that the name stands for itself.
After 7 studio albums, countless singles, the video "Live Executions", various 12-Inches, Best of-Compilations and 3 EP´s , the guys are anno 2008 working on their Live DVD, which was already recorded in April in Berlin and will be released till spring 2009.
Furthermore the band works in Gerrit Thomas´ new constructed studio “Lager II” on new material, that will also be released in 2009 by SPV going to destroy the dancefloors. First outtakes can probably be heard end of 2008 on the promotional CD, that comes with the Live DVD.
Until then Funker Vogt want to prove their reputation as a "War Machine" that takes no prisoners and rock the dancefloors in North- Middle- and Southamerica, before satisfying the european fans in 2009 with planned concerts and festival-appearances. For their martial shows Gerrit and Jens are supported by Björn Böttcher (keys) and Frank Schweigert (guitar).
Once you were part of a concert of the Hamlin guys and felt the omnipresent and most of all raw energy , you know what we are talking about.
With this in mind:
Take care !!!