Namen: Milton Saes Junior
Datum: 22.08.2013 16:14:14 CST
Platz: Brazil
Favourite Song: Arising Hero
Anmerkungen: I really like your music. You have many fans here in Brazil. When you come for sure I will. I am one of the lucky ones who bought the Limited Edition - Companion in Crime. I really enjoyed the songs: Mein Weg, Six Feet Under and Kill on Command.
Namen: Ostermann
Datum: 23.03.2012 09:19:58 CST
Platz: Russland
Favourite Song: Maschine Zeit
Anmerkungen: this is a powerfool song!
Namen: Jens K.
Datum: 18.11.2011 12:35:59 CST
Favourite Song: Krieger
Anmerkungen: Dear Funker Vogt Fans We don’t know what we should say and we are really speechless at the moment. As you know because of the torn ligament of Jens we had to change our US dates to November. Now we are ready to travel to the USA but we did not get our new Visa from the US consulate till today. For us it’s a really stupid situation and we are really pissed of. Few months ago we started the visa process and he was finished for the original / first dates. Because of the cancelation of the first dates we had to send the new routing and all of the new dated and signed contracts to the visa office. We don’t know why if is important but we did it. Our US partner (thanks Aaron for your work and help) did his best to push the process and we paid the extra money for the premium service which means everything should be go faster but it looks like that it doesn’t work. Now we are here but without passport and Visa. We did the visa process several times before and we never had problems like this. We never have too shown all contracts inclusive fees. We never had to bring so many documents like this time. Anyway we wanted to play at the US and therefore we didn’t think about it. In fact: In the past we got a visa for one year but now we should get a visa for only one tour but for the same price. For the visa office the new dates where handled like a new tour and therefore we had to order a new working visa. Stupid! We know there are a lot of people waiting for us! The promoter spends a lot of money in advertising, we booked the flights (2200 USD) and we paid more than 2600 USD to the visa agency / consulate to get the visa.
Namen: stephanie
Datum: 18.12.2010 18:16:05 CST
Platz: usa
Favourite Song: Bloodthirst
Namen: Anthony Alford
Datum: 01.11.2010 19:16:21 CST
Platz: Victoria BC Canada
Favourite Song: Child Soldier
Anmerkungen: FV = favorite group, music with meaning, many Great songs (too many to list) BLUTZOLL = ok, but far from the epic masterpieces you`ve created on past albums. I normally wouldn`t complain but I was SOOO looking forward to more of the same(lengthy) songs as before with many parts creating one gigantic orgasm. Please go back to your roots!!!!!
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