Funker Vogt Related Downloads

Blackberry Stuff:

Aviator 8700 ThemeI created a theme for the Blackberry 8700, when I had one. This is an Aviator background and Funker Vogt orangish colours added on 25.05.2007
Aviator BackgroundThis is the same background in the Aviator theme, but in case you have a different blackberry than 8700 then the theme will not work, so I provide the same background image (it is 320x240 in GIF format) added on 25.05.2007


Thanks For NothingI created a Funker Vogt MP3 ringtone. After sifting through many songs I found the best effect would be from the song Thanks for Nothing. added on 25.05.2007

Windows Downloads:

Funker Vogt Windows 9x ThemeThis is an old Windows 9x theme, complete with Funker Vogt mouse cursors, startup/shutdown sounds and an old background added on 25.05.2007